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Corporate gyms and wellbeing in the workplace

Would you benefit from a gym in your workplace?

Personal Touch Fitness has more than a decade's experience to bring to your project at any stage. We offer evidence based expertise and advice. We've helped companies create a corporate gym from an idea, installing the best equipment, through to providing the staff to operate the facility.

Setting up a company gym?

How could PTF improve your current gym set up?

We have clients approaching us to look for ideas to rejuvenate their gym and offer new ways of working. From taking over an existing gym or team or to bringing in our own resources - either way you are guaranteed to experience a real difference in our approach to attract and inspire your employees towards a healthier lifestyle.

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No space but would like to enhance employee health?

We know space is at a premium in many offices but you can still easily provide health and fitness services in your workplace. Contact us and we can quickly tailor the best solution for your environment and budget. We will listen to your needs and provide the ideas to offer the optimum solution.

Benefits from offering workplace wellness

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